This coffee is an Arabica typica variety which has been hand-picked and washed by Guillermo Cotrina and his family from their organic farm on the cloud forest slopes of the Chilchos valley in Northern Peru. The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1600 metres and is free from all chemicals and pesticides. The plants are shade-grown on 2 hectares of old farmland to ensure that rainforests and biodiversity in the spectacular valley are protected.

With no road access, Guillermo transports it on horseback for 12 hours over the Andes before it is taken by road to the town of Jaen where he dries, selects and bags the coffee ready for export.
The beans are purchased direct from Guillermo at prices 40% higher than the market rate for organic certified coffee. This added value helps him support his family, his community and re-invest in greener production methods. Advance interest free loans of up to half the value of the coffee are provided to help Guillermo with production and to meet his needs including vital healthcare for his family. This offsets much of the risks of direct trade for a small producer. The coffee is small batch roasted by the Missing Bean Roastery in Oxford who have been supporting this direct trade since 2015.
“I want to thank all of you who buy our coffee. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. We drink it everyday but without the income it generates we would struggle to make a living and protect our forests. Selling direct adds value to our coffee and allows us to improve our production but also secure vital medical support for our family in times of need. A thousand thankyous.” – Guillermo Cotrina


Guillermo’s coffee is now available for purchase in the UK and EU in 500g or 1kg fully biodegradable bags. You can choose whole beans or the grind you need for your chosen coffee device including (V60, aeropress, filter, cafetiere, espresso or Stovetop).

You can order and pay for it here.